Asset Management

Investing in the market has become increasingly challenging. Recent market activity has caused many to re-evaluate their investment strategies and their ability to attain key financial goals, and to search for peace of mind. Increasingly investors are looking for well-grounded, structured financial portfolios in time-proven financial planning methods, instead of through the latest fads.

Financial Coaching

Financial Planning is a little vague when it comes to how we do business at Maverick, so we decided to use a different term. What we do is more like coaching. Our experts sit down with you and your family and create the best strategy for the managing of your finances so you can achieve your life’s goals and dreams. This process also includes negotiating financial hurdles that arise in the various stages of life. Financial Coaching is a partnership, not a product.


Creating a Plan of Action

Your current financial position is a key factor in your Plan of Action. It is essential to understand where you are today before you can begin your journey to where you would like to be. Your net-worth statement and income statement are essential financial planning tools. They help you:

  • Check progress towards financial goals
  • Plan for changes in assets or liabilities
  • Estimate how well dependent survivors would be able to live on their current inheritance
  • Estimate retirement income potential
  • Chart financial progress over the years

A net-worth assessment should be performed at least annually, and whenever there is a major change in assets and liabilities.

Financial Plan Six-Step Process

Step 1 – Establish Goals

Step 2 – Gather Data

Step 3 – Analyze and Evaluate Your Financial Status

Step 4 – Develop a Plan

Step 5 – Implement the Plan

Step 6 – Monitor the Plan and make Necessary Adjustments


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