Retirement Planning

At Maverick Wealth Management, we love helping our clients to plan strategically  implement their retirement goals. Whether it is a retirement full of travel, friends, or family. We take great pride in being the trusted financial coach. We measure daily success in handshakes and hugs and we shift the burden of worry away from our clients. Our education, training, hard work, and teamwork allow us to work as team with our clients to strive for financial independence.

Retirement is Complicated

Retirement planning might be complicated, but it is not impossible. No matter how you look at it, it must be done. To ensure the best results, we advise that you use a trusted advisor, such as the Advisors of Maverick Wealth Management. We will come alongside you and help develop a detailed plan that will strive to wok towards your goals and set you on the right course to live the retirement dream you desire.

At Maverick Wealth, we recognize the need for expert advice in areas such as estate, tax and life insurance. That is why we partner with several seasoned professionals from the DFW area to assist us in these complex matters.

Of course, as a client, you are under no obligation to use our recommended providers. We simply rely on their services for clients who do not have an existing professional relationship. We are happy to consult with any of our clients’ attorneys or accountants to share information and develop a comprehensive strategy to work towards your retirement goals.

Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning should begin in your 20’s. As many academic studies have shown, the earlier you start the more likely you are to achieve your goals.

As you get older, you need to start planning on managing your assets to optimize your cash flow needs in retirement. The worst place in the world to retire is just beyond your means.

Our clients approach us with the following questions on a regular basis:

  • At what age can I comfortably retire with the lifestyle I want to enjoy?
  • Will I outlive my resources?
  • How should my portfolio’s assets be allocated?

Retirement planning strategies should be designed to pursue your goals and comfort level as well as to take advantage of tax saving opportunities. For any plan to be effective, it is necessary to implement these strategies and to periodically review your goals and progress.

In order to assess your ability to comfortably retire, we review your current retirement assets, including IRA’s, 401(k)’s, deferred compensation plans, pensions, and non-qualified accounts. Although we are not accountants, we will analyze your cash flow and spending habits and by considering tax implications and inflation, we can help you develop a comprehensive retirement plan to work towards your goals.


Let Maverick Wealth Management Advisors help put you on the road towards retirement.