What Makes Maverick Wealth Management Unique

We Are More Than Financial Products, A Lot More: We are independent and not employees of any one financial company. Our Advisors have access to all of the available financial products and instruments to create portfolios for our clients. However, what separates us from the others is our commitment to delivering customized advice and strategies for our customers. Our Advisors prepare comprehensive financial plans, so we truly understand the financial needs, concerns, and future goals of our clients. Products are the commodity in this industry. The service – our service – is a differentiating experience.


Our clients are some of the most educated clients around. Why, because we share the details of every product and service they have or are looking to purchase. We share the pros, the cons and everything in between. We inform you about the fine print, the costs, the limitations, the features and the benefits. Transparency, we will not do business without it.

Team-Based Planning:

We understand that one person will never be an expert in all things. That is why, at Maverick Wealth Management, all major aspects of your portfolio will have the advantage of being reviewed by our advisory team. This will give you the confidence that every decision that affects you is examined and re-reviewed to verify that all the details have been looked at prior to executing your transactions.

Our Approach:

We take a holistic approach to financial services. Why? It’s simple. Not every person or business is the same, but your finances affect every aspect of your life. We would be doing you a disservice if we only looked at your college planning and ignored your future retirement needs or creating an estate plan and disregarding your business continuation concerns. Your financial life will last as long as you do, so our planning strategies aim to cover every possible aspect from the moment we meet to the very end.

Proactive and Tactical Solutions:

At Maverick Wealth Management, our advisors do not just develop financial plans and then sit back and watch. Our advisors are always scouring the financial marketplace to be sure our clients have the most appropriate products and services to manage their goals. Our dedication to our customers drives us to provide custom strategies that guide our client toward their investment objectives.

We Represent the Client (not a company):

We are all about our customers. With the mindset of service, we remain an independent firm that will never be forced to sell proprietary products to please shareholders and pad a bottom line. You can be confident that we are fully in line with all industry regulations. We take pride in our integrity and good name. Doing what is right and putting the client first will strive to assure a successful relationship.

We Are Not Busy Selling, We are Busy Serving:

It is true that will give and sell financial advice, but that is not who we are. If we are not serving our clients, everything we have built will have been built in vain and will not last. We are nothing without our customers, and we will sacrifice ourselves to assure that your needs come first. We guarantee service with excellence.

Living Library of Expertise: 

At Maverick Wealth Management ,we have something unique to the financial services industry. We have assembled what we call, “The Living Library.” It is an actual human library of financial services professionals with particular experience and knowledge in various areas of the financial services industry. Our goal is to provide our clients with the most qualified people and resources to help design financial strategies from the simple to the most complex. We are an organization of skilled specialists that are at your service.


Have more questions? Just give us a call or shoot us an email. We are always happy to help.